Now I’ve done it

Ok, so I’ve got the broken foot. And my boss offered two weeks ago to move me downstairs, and I said “No”. Didn’t want to work downstairs. Have things just the way I like em where I’m at. So, this afternoon, I fall down the stairs. Not like tumbling head over heels falling, but missing the step falling. And of …

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Ze Odds & Ends

Support our troops

I know right now all our energies are being focused on hurricane victims, but we need support those supporting us at home and abroad. I’d like to encourage everyone to check out GI Bracelets where you can buy a purple bracelet and all the proceeds go to the veterans charity of your choice. Also, if you’ve got the time, go …

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What a freakin idiot!

I am so embarrassed to be a Texan right now. Um, Babs, shut up! ________________________________________________ Mother’s remark puts silver foot in Bush’s mouth Published September 7, 2005 I was all set to defend President Bush as a guy who really doesn’t want poor black people in Louisiana and Mississippi to die of starvation and disease, no matter what the Democrats …

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