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IDPA in Como

I had a great time shooting IDPA in Como this past weekend! I didn’t perform like I had hoped to, but it was my first real match back since surgery. I’m also finally getting the hang of CDP timing, since moving from ESP to CDP.

Huge thanks to my sponsors The Blue Bullets, for providing the best projectiles on the market! Catch me at a match if you want to see a sample of their work, and use the code schmied at checkout for 5% off!

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Switching to .45

After I’m all done with surgery, and recovered, and the doc says I can start pointing loaded guns at things again, I’m leaving Glock land for 1911-dom.  It’s official, my days of shooting Tuperware are over. And to kick things off right, I’m going all in with a metric butt ton of projectiles from The Blue Bullets!  I can’t wait! …

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