all about me

Whew, where to start? I am a crazy, bohemian mom, wife, friend and social media devotee.  I’m the Digital Marketing and Design Guru at Southern Growth Studios, which basically means I wear lots of different hats (everything from SEO, SEM, Social Media, brand management, etc). I love the work and the challenges working with new and changing technologies.

I’m also a complete geek. 100%. Down to the tips of my toes. I love Star Wars, Star Trek and all things geeky. About the only certifiable geek thing I can’t get into is the new Battlestar. I don’t know why. And don’t hate me for it, I did give it an honest try.

And I dig photography. I will take pictures of anything and everything, but I prefer to shoot landscapes and nature. I love photographing anything that exemplifies Southern living and the beautiful people and places we have here in Mississippi.

Need to contact me?  You can hit me up anytime by emailing me at chris @, minus all the spaces, of course.  Can’t make it any easier on the bots.

Oh, and for some silly reason, I have this Privacy Policy, in case you’re bored.