Lucky & Jude

This week has been a bittersweet, kitty cat rollercoaster in our house.

I’ve been sharing the news about Jude, the kitten Will rescued Tuesday. We also have other critter housemates, 2 dogs and 4 other cats. One of the cats, Lucky, is another rescue. Will rescued Lucky 7 years ago, and like Jude, he’s a special needs cat. When he was rescued one of his legs was broken and had to be amputated. This Wednesday night Lucky had trouble breathing and we rushed him to the vet hospital. They transferred him to MVS up in Memphis and they put him in an oxygen cage. They tested him and determined that he had pulmonary edema brought on by congestive heart failure. They said that his heart muscle is thickened and that while most dogs heart issues can be heard in a physical, sometimes cats have heart issues that can’t be detected without extensive testing. He got well enough yesterday to come home. We’re doing our best to make him happy and keep him relaxed. We’re not sure if he got stressed out over the cleaners coming Monday and cleaning his room, Jude coming home, or something else. The vets were so kind to tell us that we couldn’t have known or prevented it. Now we can just love him and work hard to make him happy.

If you can spare a second for a prayer, we would appreciate prayers for Lucky’s heart and Jude’s recovery.

Somebody loves my robe as much as I do! #catsofinstagram

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It’s Miss Jude’s playtime! #kittenwatch #kittensofinstagram

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