Great article about gun control and the effect on women!

How gun control hurts women

The conventional liberal says that high rates of gun ownership hurt women because the presence of a firearm in a woman’s home apparently increases the odds that she will be a homicide victim. Gun control advocates seized on a recent report titled “When Men Murder Women,” which found that just more than 600 women were murdered by men wielding guns in 2014, many of them in situations of domestic violence. The Huffington Post’s Melissa Jeltsen drew attention to the contention that “during that same time period, there were only 15 instances of women using firearms to kill a man in self-defense,” but any mention of non-fatal defensive uses or deterrence effects was conspicuously absent.

Shoddy statistics, overconfidence, and flawed arguments dominate the gun control debate, and the area of gun-related domestic violence is no exception. The anti-gun narrative around domestic violence reflects wider issues with the arguments for gun control: It downplays defensive uses, ignores the evidence that guns deter crime, and fails to account for the distinct possibility of reverse causation. Rather than the mere presence of firearms in a household increasing the likelihood of men murdering women, it is plausible that violent men are simply more likely to purchase guns.

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