Small business social media

214_a_photoEvery small business needs a social media presence.  I’m not breaking any new ground by saying it.  But I get flack or pushback from some small businesses in certain industries.

Like the pest control mom-and-pop in Southaven, MS that doesn’t see the benefit of a Facebook page.  They wanted charts and graphs and wouldn’t budge without seeing how it would pay off in actual new customers.  They didn’t care until I showed them that Facebook had already created a business page for them and that they already had reviews, 8 in total, with one very negative review.  When I showed them another local plumber I had helped, and how he was now regularly posting from his cell phone, not really “losing” any time, but gaining followers, reviews, and through those, new customers, they finally got it.

I was able to help them understand where their core customers spent their time online, and how to best reach them.  Social media isn’t truly free, you do have to spend time cultivating it, and time is money.  But it doesn’t have to take so much time you are losing work hours.  If you take the time to set it up correctly, or hire someone to set it up well for you, maintenance can be so easy it’s actually fun.

Next week I’ll include some tips to help automate some of these processes, to shorten the amount of time and keep all your social media accounts consistent and keeping up your brand up to your standards!

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