Camping this weekend

Did not go well.  We went to John Kyle State Park, which is on Lake Sardis.  I was disappointed to learn (I know, we should have done our homework) that there’s no disc golf, the trail is closed, etc.  Pretty much the only thing to do is fish, and we don’t fish.  But we were determined to make the most of it.

We had fun on the way down there, with Will driving for the first time since his PRK surgery. He did great!  We chatted about the flooding around the area, what we wanted to do, and whether or not we’d get to sneak over to Oxford to visit the Big Bad Breakfast.

Well, we get down there are get setup and things are fine. It’s after dinner time, so we’re hungry. We sneak into Como and grab some Sonic to run back to the camper. When we get back it’s after dark, and really starting to get cold. So we try to turn on the furnace. Nope, no propane. Will has a propane tank, but no tools to change it out. So we run to Walmart in Batesville to get tools. While we’re there, I get more food for the rest of the trip. Now it’s very late, and I’m driving. His truck. Not my ideal ride.

He gets the tank on, but there’s a slow leak in the line. Not cool. Then, sometime overnight, the furnace just died. We still had propane to cook breakfast, but no heat. It was miserable. So we broke camp and came home, to take the camper in for service. It’s putting a weird feel on all our Spring camping plans!!

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