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But for those I haven’t seen in a while, my hearing loss has gotten pretty bad.  And by pretty bad, I mean bad enough for me to break down and get some big mamba-jamba hearing aids. And learn some more advanced signing.  And ask for help.  That was the hardest one.  I’m not a big fan of giving up any advantage in a situation, and letting anyone know that I can’t hear things was tough.  But I’m much better about it now.  Will told me to “get over it” and I did.  He was right.

Now I don’t have to ask everyone to repeat themselves 90 times, I’m smart enough to ask folks up front to face me and use their expressions when talking to me.  They don’t have to shout, they just have to be patient while I occasionally repeat things back to make sure I got them right.  Turns out I’m great at speech reading, so if the speaker doesn’t turn away, I’m going to get it right 99 times out of a hundred.  And Will is being super sweet and taking ASL courses, so that he can help me in social situations like church, where there is so much ambient noise and commotion that I can’t keep up with anything.

Thankfully this won’t keep me from shooting, camping, or marketing, so I’ll still be the same old Chris.

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