The Guy’s Guide to Geek Girls

A great read! Highly recommended by this geek girl.

From Pathways

Why the Geek Girl?

So you realized that you’re never going to meet Kim Basinger. Moreover, the pretty thing in your Sociology class or the leggy new secretary in the office has given you the cold shoulder three weeks in a row. You’re feeling fairly dejected. You obviously haven’t considered dating a geek girl.

Unlike the cute things you’ve been chasing, geek girls learned long ago that physical attributes aren’t as important as the person underneath. On the Internet, they can participate in great, anonymous cybercommunities, they can IRC, they can MUD, they can IM, and they can email; they can interact with people intimately without ever meeting them face to face. They are more attracted to intelligence than testosterone; they don’t need football players – in fact, most of them find them to be a turnoff. Most importantly, they like fellow geeks – prefer them, even. With a geek girl, a geek guy has a decided advantage. They understand them; they are understood by them. This could actually work.

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