The study of the bunny

So today I’m checking out my traffic and I come across a weird one. I get a few hits from several search engines when folks search for “puck bunny”. My little rant about being called a bunny gets a few more views than me posting about Star Wars tattoos. Go figure.

I admit it, I usually cringe when I see that someone was searching for “puck bunnies” and they landed here. I know it’s not always bad, but if some guy is looking for the kind of website where he can view or “meet” bunnies, he’s got to be very disappointed to find himself here reading about a crazy cow.

Well, today’s little “wonder who came to my blog” excursion led me to see what you can find when you Google different variations of “puck bunny” and “puck bunny website”. One of the first sites I ran into was SAGE Publications info page about the sociological study of puck bunnies done by two university students. I was amazed! Someone has actually spent time studying hockey players and bunnies! That tickles me.

Well, looking at the title, at first glance didn’t exactly tickle me.
The Myth of the ‘Puck Bunny’
Female Fans and Men’s Ice Hockey
by Garry Crawford & Victoria K. Gosling

I wasn’t sure if they were saying that bunnies are mythical creatures (actually, that does make me laugh), or that all female fans are bunnies, or if they’re stating that female fans are mythical creatures.

So I did what any quick-tempered, short attention spanned cow would do and I read the excerpt. They go on to say:

This article presents a consideration of the female followers of men’s ice hockey in the UK, questions why this sport has been so popular in attracting a high proportion of female supporters and considers their place and location within this supporter base.

……. this research argues that female followers of UK ice hockey continue to remain marginalized within this supporter community, and are deemed by many other (often male) supporters as not ‘real fans’ but simply ‘puck bunnies’ who are there to ‘lust’ after the players.

…….However, interviews with 37 followers of The Manchester Storm indicate no significant differences in the levels of knowledge and commitment between male and female supporters, or that the physical attractiveness of players performs any significant role in attracting women to ice hockey.

After reading that, I am MUCH happier. After reading an actual professional type study that only supportswhat I believe about so many female hockey fans, I’m inclined to email the authors and see about scoring a copy of this for myself, seeing how I can’t join the British Sociological Association. If anyone has a copy, please let me know.

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