Guidelines for living

I know Tiff stole these, so I’m stealing these from her. I think they’re worth sharing.

Some guidelines to go by
love at all costs
dance in the rain
love as much as you can and hate a little as possible
dance, no matter where you are
smile at all times
dream whenever you can
don’t let love blind you from the truth
love yourself, don’t let yourself be used
rid yourself from people that manipulate you
remember the sun is a star too, so making a wish in the day time is still allowed
remember first loves
don’t regret first kisses
listen to music with more than your ears
write down as much as you can, your memory won’t be around forever
be happy, you are one of a kind
be original
make promises, and keep them
don’t follow love, let it come to you
go for what you believe in
listen to your heart
leave no one behind
be open with everyone, even a stranger can be inviting
theres nothing wrong in doing nothing at all, as long as theres nothing better to do
take care of yourself
eat whatever you want, excercise if you want….it’s your life
lifes too short to not do what makes you happy
distance isn’t real…you are only as far as you let yourself be
be as romantic as possible, if thats who you are
cuddle with the one you love
breathe in as much air as you can….
remember how beautiful you are, and not just to me
perfect doesnt exist: love, people….relationships
compromise is the only way to make everyone happy
experimenting is something we all do, but keep it clean and keep it safe
hold sex to the highest standards possible
have no regrets
cry often
time kills the pain
pain only has an affect on you if you let it
promise to love after love

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