Those kooky celebrities

So I have this ongoing theory about celebrities going nuts. Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson and Mel Gibson for example. I’m working on a theory about what causes this sort of insanity. Some say it’s the money, but there are plenty of very wealthy, not nutty people out there. Others claim it’s the fame, but again, I can think of tons of famous *normal folks. I’m still looking into what causes this.

Now keep in mind that this is different than what’s going on with the kookiness associated with the Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears types. I think that’s a case of their white trash showing. I think that they had good PR people hiding their true behavior, which is now starting to show. Not the same thing at all. I’m only examining cases of untapped, non-congenital craziness.

I’ll get more into it later, after I’ve done some more research.

*of course I realize that normal is a relative term, and I’m hardly a good example of it. Duh.

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