More for my fellow Texans

I scored these goodies over at Miss Cellania’s blog.

From Whut Makes You Thank Teksuns Tawk Funny?

air– 60 minutes.
“Ah monly drivin 50 mahls pur air.” – (hour)

all– 1. a liquid hydocarbon which is produced from deep in the earth. 2. complete or whole.
“Hid take all thuh all in Teksus tuh keep them Yankees warm thus winner.” – (1. oil – not to be confused with the Southern pronounciation, “awl”. 2. all)

ha– 1. upper elevation. 2. a state of inebriation.
“Thuh Mahl-Ha Stadyum iz in Denver.” – (high)

opsit– completely different.
“Thay say opsits attrack.” – (opposite)

smatter– the objective of inquiries about one’s health or condition.
“Whut smatter wichew, boy?” – (what is the matter)

ustuh– expression when in the past an act was or was not performed.
“Way shore ustuh hav uh lottuh fun going tuh thuh Texus-OU game.” – (used to)

war– 1. a standard metallic fiber. 2. a colloquial term for a telegram.
“They’s not uh cow been bornd whut can brayke thoo uh strang uh bob-war.” – (wire)

zatrot– an inquiring comment indicating message understood, but not totally believed; normally used alone and followed by an affirmative response like, “uh-huh”. – (is that right)

And Bud’s tribute to Texans (I think they’re talking about my yellow rose tattoo here): Bud Light’s Tribute to Way Too Proud of Texas Guy

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