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Man Burned in Hand and Face While Barbecuing
Written by Kye Parsons

07/04/2006 10:42 PM ET

MAGNOLIA, Del.- A Magnolia man sustained burns to his hand and face after using gunpowder to light to up his barbecue grill Monday night.

The Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office says the incident was reported just before 11:30 p.m. in the 100 block of Graves Lane, Meadowbrook Acres Trailer Park. Paramedics responded to the home after a man called 911 and complained of burns to his hand and face.

State fire investigators were called to the scene and are investigating the incident. Investigators say the 50-year-old man was burned when he intentionally poured gunpowder in a charcoal grill and ignited the powder causing a flash fire.

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