What a weekend!

It’s been a very wild weekendish, maybe it’s because it’s a 4-day weekend, I don’t know. Today I ran a million errands and got frustrated as hell. Then I get home, and Angela is home so I want to walk over and introduce her to Jack. Well, she’s on her hands and knees in her garden hunting for a kitten. It leads Angela, Will and myself all over her garden for about 1/2 an hour, but Will finally caught it. She’s the cutest little calico kitten you’ve ever seen, but she is definitely a girl. Meaning she can NOT live in Casa Schmied, as all our pets are boys, and the cats would not tolerate a female. Right now she’s in a box in my bathroom with some food, water and litter. She’ll have to hang out like that until Angela can take her to the pound on Wednesday. I’ll try to get a photo of her tomorrow, when I’m not exhausted.

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