The conspiracy goes even deeper

Ok, it took me awhile, but I’ve put it together. Watch this video of David Thompson explaining to the Mayor and City Council of Charlotte NC, about the helicopter pilot that is terrorizing him and is a threat to National Security:

Now, David explains things about the shaking very clearly, but despite his best efforts to follow the helicopter, he either doesn’t get a good look at the pilot, or he left that detail out. Then later on, he goes on to call George Shinn a “lemonheaded coward” (not sure if lemonheaded is hyphenated or not). I don’t know who George Shinn is, unless he’s referring to the coach of the Hornets, and what Mr. Shinn has to do with the helicopter. Mr. Thompson is actually speaking to Mayor McCrory and the city council members, but he might have been a little confused. Now, bear with me, I think that the lemonheaded comment about Mr. Shinn was his subconscious way of remembering some small detail about the pilot. Now, assuming that’s true, think back to another lemonheaded individual. That’s right, I’m talking about the Mobile Leprechaun

Here’s my amateur sketch of what such a sight might look like:

And in case you can’t see him in that picture:

What do you think?

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