We found the lineup, with times, for SummerSlam.

Agent Sparks 2:30-3:00
Aurora 3:00-3:30
A Life Away 3:30-4:00
On A Dead Machine 4:00-4:30
10 Years 4:30-5:15
30 Sec. to Mars 5:15-5:45
Saliva 5:45-6:30
Blackstone Cherry 6:30-7:15
Blue October 7:15-8:00
Rock Kills Kid 8:00-8:45
Buckcherry 8:45-9:30
Candlebox 10:00-11:30

So now I’ve got to make sure to get out of work in time to get the kids and get Andrea up there in time for 30 Seconds to Mars!

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