Here’s the skinny

Ok, here’s the thing I have been so angry about : Will got a new truck. That by itself is not why I’ve been so pissed, but because I was the one who was supposed to be getting a new car. I wanted to get out of the van and into a new car. So I do tons, and I mean TONS of research, sell Will on the idea, and talk to a bazillion people about all types of cars. Then we go online and get a loan, check in the mail, the whole enchilada. I have it narrowed down to three cars, with test drives scheduled, when Will decides to use the check to get himself a new truck. So we traded in the van, got him a truck, and now I drive his old 2004 Dodge Stratus. I know, I could certainly have it a lot worse, but I was pissed. So, now I’m able to talk about it finally without having a stroke.


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