Cool new hats

Long story short, I was looking for a hat of a turtle to modify for next season’s RiverKings games. I came across Warmest Wishes 2 U, where Randi has done up a ton of different animal inspired hats, including little turtles. So I emailed her, asking if she did custom work, and she said she’d be happy to try. So I sent her a picture of our Sheldon, and explained that as hockey fans we’re nuts and gave her the details about what we are looking for. She said she’d be happy to try. A couple of days later I was getting photos of the new hats. They were perfect! She shipped them and we’re happy as clams.
Here’s Hannah wearing hers~
Hannah hat

I’m going to put a banner up over on the right, so definitely check out her site. I happy to plug her work, she’s great. And Randi makes lots of different things, so definitely browse around the site!

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