Yesterday was SO crazy! First, took the kids down to Jackson to do the kid swap thing with the ex. Not too bad a drive, but it’s still 6 1/2 hours gone. Then raced up to the Apple Store in G’town to drop of the popping iMac. Which was actually cool because I got to talk to some old friends, and of course, pick up the latest iPod!!!! Wooohooo, me and my new Nano! Then hung out with Dad and Paula for a bit (didn’t want to drive all the way back to Hernando) and then off to watch the RedBirds lose. The game was still fun, we changed seats and wound up having a really good time.

But I have to say, being able to sleep in this morning (til about 7:45) and actually do some housework is great. The constant go-go-go like yesterday is definitely not for me!!!!!

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