Those crazy pets

So last Sunday night, when we went to the Parson’s Pledge auction, I left Charlie out of his crate. No big deal, leaving him out of his crate while we’re gone for a few hours, if you like having to steam clean the carpet! So, my fault, I cleaned up, no big. Then last night two of the cats go AWOL. Normally when one of them pushes the screen off a window and escapes they don’t go any further than the edge of the porch, just to eat a bunch of grass so they can puke it up later. Well, not last night. Socks and Smokey really went on an adventure. Socks came home on his own while we were still looking, but Smokey had to be chased down. I could have killed them both. They had us worried to death. Hannah was crying worrying about them! But now they’re home safe and sound. And I’m still waiting for all the grass they must have consumed to “come back up”. 🙁

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