I’ve been tagged!

Because Eileen tagged me!

Four jobs I’ve had:
Surgical Tech, for several different oral surgeons and one plastic surgeon
Computer geek, including as a Mac Genius, and even owning my own company, once upon a time
And my two favorite jobs
mother and wife (to an even bigger computer geek)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over :
“The American President” (love mixing politics and romance, don’t know why)
Any of the four watchable Star Wars movies (episodes 3-6)
“Airplane” (wish real life was that funny)

Four Places I Have Lived:
McKinney, TX (lived there first, and I will forever be a Texan)
Washington, DC
Newport News, VA
Ramstein, Germany

Four TV Shows I Watch:
“FireFly”(yeah, it’s off the air, but occasionally I stumble across a rerun)
“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”
“Survivor” (great, now I’m embarrassed)

Four places I’ve vacationed:
Chincoteague, VA
Nice, France
Orlando, FL
Port Aransas, TX

Four Favorite Dishes:
Fried Rice
Chicken Enchiladas
Big, greasy, artery-hardening Swiss/mushroom burgers

Four Sites I Visit Daily:
NetVibes (my homepage)

Four Places I Would Rather Be:

St. Tropez
Skiing in Taos
Dallas, TX
At home, under the covers with my honey

I tag Will, Daphne and Stephanie!

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