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Back at work today.

Well, we’re back from vacation, and I’m back at work today. And I’m swamped! That’s the worst part about coming back to work from vacation, the actual coming back to work. 🙁

On the plus side, we had a FANTASTIC time in Orlando! I’ve got pics up here and we’re ordering a book of about 60 of the best prints. The kids had a blast and it was wonderful to be able to spend so much quality time together.

Here’s Hannah driving on the Indy track.

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  1. Michael Night

    Your kid is so freaking ugly. Looks like Will with even worse teeth.

  2. Chris

    Wow, big man to come on here and insult a kid. If you have a problem with Will, go take it up with Will and leave me, and his step-kids, alone.

  3. Gene

    How cute! Your husband has a stalker. You must be so proud

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