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One week until LA State!

One week until LA State!

Only a week to go until my first major match of the year! Check out my shiny IDPA nail art on my Blue Bullets manicure!

Only 9 days left

Only 9 days left

To get ready for the LA State Match!

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Why #shootfit

Why #shootfit

Day 4 – Rest Day

Today is a rest day, and tomorrow we start with the complete 22 Hard Corps program.  We’ll be following the calendar, and reporting back about what we love, hate and our results.

That means today we are doing our before photos and our fit test.  I’m super excited</sarcam>

It also means I’ll be doing a ton of cooking, to make it easier for Will and I to plan and pack meals.  That part I am more excited to try.

I’ll be honest, I love tasty foods.  Greasy, fried, sugary, bring it on.  I’m not denying that I have the palette of a 6 year old.  There are a few veggies I enjoy, but pretty much only when they’re smothered in cheese and bacon.  So it’s going to be tough for me to remember that so much of my fitness isn’t depending so much on my dumbbells as much as it is my fork. And Mexican food.  OMG do we love Mexican food.  I could eat enchiladas at every meal.  But it’s not worth getting up stupid early, sweating like a hooker in church and aching all over for days only to undo it with a single slice of cheesecake.  Great, now I want cheesecake.

Basically, all this is because I want to say this as we begin this new journey (ugh, I hate calling anything a journey, it sounds super pretentious but I swear that’s how this feels), that we are going into this with eyes wide open.  I think as a 46 year old I’ve gained enough wisdom to know that you have to do anything this time consuming, physically demanding, and well financially expensive, for yourself.  If you’re doing it for any other reason, it’s real hard to justify getting up and moving for someone else.  I am accountable to me at the end of the day, and that makes this all worth it.  I am not doing this to good in a bikini (I know, no one wants to see that), I’m doing this to feel better.  And to compete faster.  That’s it.  It’s really that simple.  I don’t care what anyone else (except Will, of course) thinks of me.  I am dissatisfied with my current shape.  Not just my pant size, I mean overall.  I want to look forward to physicals, not dread them.

I’ve also learned that getting fit in your 40s is VERY different from working out in your 20s and 30s. To all those people doing it before 40, KEEP IT UP!  Your joints will thank you later.  These days I am sore without a workout.  Adding all the running and jumping makes it worse.  I know in the long run it’ll make them better, but right now I am suffering.

I know I whine a lot.  I hope that will eventually turn into a whole hella lot of bragging about my abs, or some other set of muscles that I currently keep well hidden behind some fat.  So please keep stopping by to check on my progress.  I’m doing this publicly because:

  1. It’ll keep me honest.  People I see in real life are asking how it’s going.  I put it out there, and I’ve got to be ready to answer the first person that asks “are you still working out” or “I didn’t think you were eating fried oreos anymore”.
  2. Maybe someone else will get motivated to move.  One of the things I like about the BeachBody videos is that they’ve always got one “regular” (read: looks more like me than the rest of the hardbodies) and it makes it more relatable.  I am not delusional enough to think that I’ll inspire some movement of couch potatoes to jump up and get fit.  But if one person finds one idea in all of this that helps, I’ve done some good.  And that makes me happy.
  3. Why the hell not?  If nothing else, these early days will provide for some entertaining reading/watching later on.

Well I’m off now.  We have a lot of work to do today.  Wish me luck!